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Uber Car rental is now in Orlando!

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Why Buggy?

The most trusted car rental is now launching its services in Orlando, you can now start earning daily with Uber and other rideshares in Orlando.


This is a big opportunity for those who are looking to be your own boss, we are offering rideshare car rental services for apps like Uber in Orlando now. If you have a DMV license and are looking to earn more money, Buggy is the best solution for you. Apply now and choose your favorite rideshare vehicle to start earning today!
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Frequently asked questions..

  1. 1. All drivers must be at least 21 years old.
    2. Drivers must possess a 3-year U.S. driving record.
    3. Drivers need an active Uber account.
    4. New Uber drivers must complete a minimum of 300 trips.

To begin your application, just fill out the next form: Click here

Once the application form is completed, we will reach out to schedule a date for you to collect your car and share payment details for your security deposit.

We take care of essential maintenance tasks like oil changes. Feel free to reach out to your Buggy representative for additional information or assistance.


Seize opportunities in the city that never sleeps. Drive with Buggy in NYC, experiencing iconic streets and diverse culture while earning on your schedule

Soak up Miami’s charm while boosting your income with Buggy’s top rideshare vehicles. Apply now for quick earnings in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.