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At Buggy Orlando Car Rental, we are committed to assisting our customers with the freedom to discover their earnings as much as they can. We have a smooth and hassle-free car rental booking process; you just have to submit a copy of your DMV license. We’ll provide you with a car of your choice to start earning in no time!
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The goal is to provide stress-free car rental services to our customers in Orlando. We always work with perfection to give the best services at a reasonable and affordable price. Buggy Orlando also offers a 24/7 service to solve our customers any issues they might have while driving. Always available to provide service to our customers with the best standards to the most important asset.

Secured Payment

We provide a secure payment channel for our customers.


With only one click, you book your preferred vehicle.

Car Sharing Options

We also provide car sharing option to our customers

Trusted Rent Service

Buggy has gained the trust of over 5000 customers across the NYC. 

Help Center & Support 24/7

Buggy  Orlando offers 24/7 customer service to ensure that our customers’ problems are resolved.


No need to worry about accidents or hiccups with our mechanic network to support you in your smooth travels.



Buggy NYC rideshare car rental

Buggy TLC NYC​​

Buggy NYC is the most trusted car rental company in New York. If you have a TLC License and you are looking to drive for Uber, or other taxi/cab services, Buggy is just for you!

Buggy Miami rideshare car rental

Buggy Miami

Buggy Miami is the perfect solution for Uber car rental or Rideshare vehicle partner in Miami. In Miami We work with all the major rideshare apps on the market

Buggy Atlanta rideshare car rental

Buggy Atlanta​

Buggy Atlanta is a rideshare rental company based in Atlanta if you are looking to join in the gig economy

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We offer free maintenance and customer care services with our rideshare car. You just need to book our car and start your earnings for different rideshare apps. We are 24/7 available at your service. Book Now to start your earnings today!

Will You Be Driving Uber X or Normal Uber?
How Much Are You Looking To Earn?
How Many Hours a Week Do You Plan On Driving?
Will You Be Driving Uber X or Normal Uber?
How Much Are You Looking To Earn?
How Many Hours a Week Do You Plan On Driving?